Embark on a captivating aerial tour of Pirton Church, dating back to the 12th century. This church, dedicated to St. Mary the Virgin, is a blend of various architectural styles. Witness its Norman nave, ornate wooden door, and the exquisite chancel adorned with 15th-century stained glass. Our 4K drone offers a unique view of the church’s medieval stonework, arches, and memorials, capturing the essence of its historical grandeur.

The Water Tower: A Symbol of Victorian Innovation

Pirton water tower - from above

The video smoothly transitions to the imposing Water Tower, built in the early 20th century. Its red-brick structure epitomizes Victorian engineering and once played a crucial role in the village’s water supply. Now repurposed into a residential dwelling, the tower stands as a testament to adaptive reuse, merging historical preservation with modern living.

The Majestic Landscape of Pirton

Our high-resolution drone footage reveals the stunning environment surrounding Pirton Church and the Water Tower. The lush greenery of rural Hertfordshire, with rolling hills and the quaint village of Pirton, provides a serene backdrop to these historic structures.

The Pirton Motte and Bailey: Echoes of the Past

Pirton Motte and Bailey

Intriguingly, near Pirton Church lie the remains of a motte and bailey, adding to the area’s rich historical tapestry. This ancient fortification, typically built by Normans, highlights the strategic importance of Pirton in historical times. The presence of such a significant medieval structure accentuates the historical depth of the church and water tower.

Architectural and Historical Wonders Unveiled

This 4K aerial journey is more than a showcase of architectural beauty; it’s a deep dive into the area’s layered history. The church and water tower, set against Pirton’s historical landscape, invite viewers to appreciate their intertwined stories of time and transformation.

What’s next?

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  • Drone: DJI Mini Pro 3
  • Post processing: Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Music: Dynascore AI Track
  • Platforms: Youtube
  • Learned: Overhead views on their own are pretty boring, mix it up with low level clips

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